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Storyboard Artist

Job Type

Full Time



  • Valid open Canadian work permit is required for this position.

  • Applicant should be a B.C resident.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

About the Role

Join our dynamic creative team as a Storyboard Artist, where your vision helps shape the narrative of our upcoming projects. Dive into the heart of storytelling, transforming scripts into visual sequences that capture the essence of our narrative. Your drawings will guide the path for animators, directors, and other team members, turning ideas into visual blueprints for our animated features, television shows, or video games. This role is perfect for imaginative individuals who excel in visual storytelling and wish to contribute to creating captivating and emotionally resonant stories.


  •  Visual Storytelling: Translate scripts and narrative ideas into sequential visual art that effectively communicates the story, character emotion, and action.

  • Collaboration: Work closely with directors, writers, and other creative team members to understand and execute the project's vision, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness in storytelling.

  • Adaptation and Revision: Be flexible in adapting your work based on feedback from directors and peers and willing to revise storyboards as scripts change or new ideas emerge.

  • Timing and Pacing: Use your understanding of timing and pacing to craft compelling sequences that enhance storytelling through visual means.

  • Technical Proficiency: Use traditional drawing skills and digital tools to create detailed and expressive storyboards.

  • Deadline Management: Manage your workload efficiently to meet deadlines and contribute to the smooth progression of the project through its various stages of production.


  • Artistic Skill: Strong drawing skills with the ability to convey expression, pose, and posture in various characters and settings.

  • Collaboration and Communication: Excellent communication skills, with the ability to work collaboratively within a creative team environment.

  • Adaptability: Flexibility to work on different projects, adapting your artistic style to fit the needs of each story.

  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in storyboard software such as Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, Adobe Photoshop, or similar, as well as traditional drawing methods.

  • Experience: Previous experience as a storyboard artist, illustrator, or similar role, preferably within the animation or film industry.

  • Time Management: Skill in managing one's own time and the ability to help others manage theirs effectively.

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Storyboard Artist

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