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Compositing Artist

Job Type

Full Time



  • Valid open Canadian work permit is required for this position.

  • Applicant should be a B.C resident.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

About the Role

Join our team as a Compositing Artist, blending art and technology to create seamless visual effects. Perfect for those passionate about bringing cinematic visions to life.


  • Compositing: Seamlessly integrate CG elements to create cohesive final scenes.

  • Budget Management: Oversee budget planning, allocation, and cost management for all projects to ensure financial efficiency and profitability.

  • Collaboration: Work closely with directors, VFX supervisors, and other department members to understand and achieve the desired aesthetic for the project, offering creative input to enhance visual storytelling.

  • Technical Proficiency: Utilize compositing in Nuke to execute complex compositing tasks efficiently. Stay updated with the latest software updates and compositing techniques.

  • Quality Control: Maintain a keen eye for detail to ensure every composited scene meets the project's high-quality standards, paying close attention to consistency and technical accuracy.

  • Creative Problem-Solving: Employ creative and technical problem-solving skills to address and overcome challenges that arise during the compositing process, ensuring the final output aligns with the creative vision.

  • Time Management: Manage time effectively to meet project deadlines without compromising on quality, often working on multiple shots or scenes simultaneously.

  • Knowledge Sharing: Contribute to the team's growth by sharing knowledge and best practices with junior compositing artists, aiding in their development.

  • Technical Innovation: Explore and suggest new techniques, tools, and workflows to improve the efficiency and quality of the compositing process.


  • Compositing Software Proficiency: Advanced knowledge of compositing software Nuke.

  • Understanding of photo-realism: A keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of light, shadow, color, and composition to create realistic photo outputs.

  • Color Grading: Knowledge of color theory and practical skills in color correction and grading to match disparate elements within a scene.

  • 3D Compositing: Familiarity with 3D space in compositing software, including working with 3D renders and integrating them with 2D elements.

  • Portfolio/Reel: A strong portfolio or demo reel that showcases a range of compositing skills, including layer management, color matching, and integration of CGI passes.

  • Project Experience: Practical experience working on projects, indicating the ability to handle tasks from basic compositing to more complex visual effects challenges.

  • Team Collaboration: Experience working in a team environment, demonstrating the ability to collaborate effectively with other artists, supervisors, and directors.

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Compositing Artist

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