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Welcome to Next Pixel...

  Life In Pixels.

Who We Are

Next Pixel Entertainment Inc. is a global animation studio that brings stories to life with unparalleled creativity. We produce captivating animated TV shows and movies that enchant audiences of all ages. Our team, a vibrant tapestry of talents from around the world, collaborates to craft extraordinary narratives filled with wonder, emotion, and imagination. We are devoted to creating memorable and diverse animated experiences that resonate universally.


Our Motto

"Empowering Stories, Pixel by Pixel"

Next Pixel Entertainment Inc., innovation and creativity flow through our veins. Our mission is to transform the animation landscape with a blend of technology and artistic brilliance. With a pipeline fine-tuned to automation, we eliminate the mundane, allowing our creative spirits to soar higher and dive deeper into the realms of imagination.

In our hands, technology becomes the silent craftsman, empowering us to breathe life into every frame, turning each into a vibrant masterpiece. We don’t just aim for excellence; we cultivate a garden where each pixel blossoms, contributing to a lush, breathtaking panorama of animated artistry. With Next Pixel, experience animation where every moment celebrates
creativity and unmatched quality."


Join Us

"At Next Pixel Entertainment Inc., we continually seek to connect with talented individuals passionate about animation and storytelling. We invite you to submit your portfolio and should a fitting opportunity arise, our team will be in touch. Thank you for considering a creative future with us."

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